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Name:Chika Akatsuki
Birthdate:Jan 6
Name: Chika Akatsuki
Fandom: Zombie-Loan
Gender: Male

Chika Akatsuki was a teenager with enough problems already. He was slightly delinquent, with a mouth that often earned him more enemies than friends. He was from a poor, single-parent home -- and that single parent just happened to be a doting, cross dressing father. He had a little sister that he adored but she seemed to pay more attention to her cell phone than to the big brother that wanted to be her hero.

And then the accident happened.

The bus crash killed everyone aboard except for two. Shito Tachibana, "Boy A", whose good looks and reserved attitude made him an idol to the girls at school. And Chika, who became known as "Boy B" by default. Their survival was far from a miracle however. In truth, they also died. But a deal with a secret loan office called the Z-Loan gave them a chance at life again. They would work for the office hunting down those who have black rings on their necks, a sign that the person should already be dead and was living unnaturally. Once their loan is paid off, their own black rings could be removed.
But during the process of being brought back to "life", Shito and Chika's right hands were switched, forcing them to switch back before they could manifest special ectoplasmic weapons for fighting zombies (a katana, in Chika's case). It forced the two boys, who never would've been friends to begin with, to work together. If they switch for any longer than an hour or get too far away from each other, the wrist starts to rot and the hand falls off.

Their team was made complete with the addition of Michiru Kita, a girl with "Shinigami Eyes" who can see the black rings when she takes her glasses off, therefore identifying zombies right away. At first she protested, but when Chika and Shito took on additional debt to keep her from dying, she joined forces with the two.

Chika is the type who says whatever he's thinking, which means he speaks without thinking much of the time. He has a foul mouth and a harsh attitude that match his punkish appearance, but he does genuinely care about those around him. He's high energy and likewise acts without thinking. He also has a short temper, which Michiru often bears the brunt of when she makes a mistake. But he hated seeing her used by others and be miserable living with her relatives. He also frequently argues with Shito, but sometimes secretly worries about him. He cares -- it's just hard for him to show without being violent, spouting off at the mouth, and/or sulking. When he guides the souls of those he's defeated with his katana, he does it with sympathy and respect. Even when he was betrayed by his childhood friend Shiba, he still wanted to help him. He also loves his family but lives apart from them, instead moving in at the special dorms with Shito, Michiru, and Koyomi. Chika is afraid that his family will find out the truth about him and be disgusted and afraid of him. Chika's desire to pay off his zombie loan and get his life back makes him incredibly money hungry and a bit of a workaholic. He's also quite frugal because of this, knowing when all the convenience stores throw out their food -- a secret which he at least shares with the cash-strapped Michiru.

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